Sunday, December 30, 2007

Even More Dialogue: The Weather Reporter

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this KTLA news break. What looks to be an elaborate light show has erupted out of thin air near the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center. We now take you live to downtown LA with weather reporter Pernea Atherton.

“Pernea here reporting live from downtown LA. As you can see, what looks to be an elaborate light show has erupted out of thin air. It’s a brilliant light, almost blinding. It’s beginning to overtake the sun, causing a flurry of wind that’s blowing everything in every direction.”

Pernea, how’s the weather down there?

“It’s a chilly 65 degrees, Pat, but I’m more concerned with the haze of smoke engulfing the street. The light show’s ceased save for one beam that seams to be searching its surroundings from within the fog.”

Will we be getting any rain tonight, Pernea?

“Pat, I think I see a figure emerging from the smoke. Behind him is a vague silhouette, something massive. Oh Lord, an odor just swept down the street. It’s very potent, I believe it’s . . . rum.”

“Ahoy, mateys! We be the Time Pirates!”

“Time Pirates? T-P? Haha!”

“Goodness, Pat, a laser just shot out of the pirate’s hook, completely vaporizing the heckler. The pirate seems to be holding a baby in his other arm”

“Avast ye primitive land scoundrels, we be Time Pirates! From the future! And this be baby Jesus!”

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