Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It Happened

Our first fight. We were in a restaurant and it went exactly like this:

"I'm telling you, Ozymandias was about the ravages of time," I said.

"No! It's about time as the Great Equalizer!

"Kings and queens will sit on thrones,
But in the end they'll blow to dust,
Like all outlived by rocks and stones,
And in the end it's time we'll trust," she said.

"Look at this all, look at it all,
Sometimes stays what we scrawl,
But in the end, no things crawl,
And in the end, all things fall," I said.

"Great Equalizer," she said.

"Ravager," I said.

"Equalizer!" she said.

"Ravager!" and with that she flipped the table onto to me, leaned back against the wall and kicked me to the ground with both feet. She stood and leapt into the air attempting to land her knee against my crotch, but I rolled twice and her knee and fist cracked the tile beneath. I swept my leg into her's and she fell backward collapsing a table behind her. I picked up a chair and crashed it into her arms which protected her face. Her eyes were closed and she didn't move.

I turned around and raised my arms in victory. I took a few steps when I felt her latch onto my back with her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I was turning purple when I reached over my shoulders, pulled her over my head and slammed her onto the table of a family huddled in fear. She bounced up and cackled like a supervillain. She walked toward me and I swung my fist at her face but she caught it and squeezed. My knees gave out as I yelled in agony. She let go and I grasped my crumpled fist and she picked me up by my shirt collar. My legs were dangling and the few quick jabs I could manage to her face with my good hand didn't phase her. Still cackling, she flung me through the brick wall into the aluminum trash cans in the alley outside. She hovered over me as I clutched my head.

"Equalizer," she said.

I decided I'd let it go. We were both right, after all.

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