Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No Substance

Yeah, so I haven’t been posting with the same frequency. So what. Bite me. Just the women. Harder.


I’m kidding. The truth is that I’ve been slaving for two weeks hunched over my keyboard and wallowing in my filth trying my hardest to come up with something worth your time. I have pages and pages and pages (two) of words I’ve found unfit to post. Every time I write something and it’s not posted, an angel’s wings get clipped. Now you understand the enormous weight on my shoulders. Why would God do this to me! Why, God! Why!

You know what? This blog looks really bland. I mean, it’s white and there’s a glass. What the hell? Invisible powdered water? What was I thinking? Oh wait, hah! I’m so brilliant. I wish there were more color here.

There, now I’m happy. If you can help me add more color, leave me a comment. I expect no comments.


Ninja said...

|\@{&*#}^*%#/^!<@*^!%*>#!!! Is that enough color for you?

jjomomma said...

What if I bite you and you feel my steel rod of a penis pressed against your backside?

Just kidding. I don't have a penis for you to fondle but my balls would sure get blue.

frank said...

It's been a while since I've had ballgogi. Jesus Christ, I'm so hilarious.

And there's no need for such foul language, ma--err, ninja.

PuPCakes said...

how about dogs?
do you want us to bite you?

No? Then how about a pit bull with lipstick?

frank said...

Only love bites and you have to make that awwghhawhauwhg noise when gnawing on my forearm.

City Elf said...

you know i love to bite. please do not tease the animals.

also, i hear white is the new black. so all is good on the color front.

frank said...

Well, you can bite if you use a rubber teeth guard. Only.