Monday, November 12, 2007


It always pisses me off how rude people are sometimes. Why can’t everybody just be nice. Is it so hard to stop your shopping cart to let a fellow patron shuffle his way past you? Do you really have to speed up and cut him off? And after he speeds up to pass you in revenge, do you really have to jab his Achilles tendons with your cart? And is it necessary to call him jack ass and call security after he knocks over your groceries with a swift flanking ram of his shopping cart?

It’s worse when this happens while driving. You’re trying to turn onto a street and the “Keep Clear” section before you is blocked by jerks at a red light. This just makes people more aggressive. Now when I want to turn onto a street, I don’t bother turning, that just slows me down. Instead, I drive straight ahead, perpendicular to these potentially keep-clear-blocking jerks. That’ll teach you! I don’t care if you’re flashing your lights at me, or blaring your stupid siren, I’m not moving.

I think the worst manifestation of rudeness, though, is being inconsiderate. I mean, how can people not be considerate? It’s pretty easy, just consider! Consider how spitting in that hamburger will affect me. Consider how, when slipping a razor into an apple, how unhappy I’ll be when I bite into it. It’s not hard! Spit’s nasty and razors hurt!

So remember this next time you’re at the supermarket, approaching a Keep Clear, or attempting to murder me. I would appreciate it.

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