Monday, May 12, 2008

There's a Moth in My Room

I contemplated destroying it.

It was fluttering around, circumventing the circle of light the lamp lit on the ceiling, landing on the wall and curling into itself. Everyone kills moths. It knows this. I know it knows this and it knows that I know this. I decided against its obliteration, though. So, I’m wondering: will it attempt to kill me while I sleep?

It is the next logical step.

I’ve lost track of it. Perhaps it went into stealth mode. Perhaps it’s plotting against me. Perhaps I should seek out the beast and lay upon its face a swift swing of my fist. My friend exacted a similar campaign against an unwanted houseguest. She was much more humane, granting the creature its life while I seek to destroy it--if I wake, that is (as my life is in danger you see).

Perhaps the moth has garnered the support of its family. Perhaps I should be wary of moths from hereon.

Perhaps it has turned my family against me.

No, that’s crazy.


Chromie said...

It's believed in Philippine (and I think several other Pacific-Asian cultures) that moths are ancestors here to visit us. Essentially, had the moth turned your family against you, it would be justified in doing so, since you were kind of doing the same thing.

Of course, I was told about the whole moth-as-ancestors thing well after many moth killings by my hand.

Call me a futurist.

PS - You can spare your faithful readers from reading all my other droll writing and link them to all my houseguest postings here:

frank said...

You are most kind, but all two of my readers would quite enjoy your blog.

Oh, and I think I may have murdered my great uncle this morning. He fluttered onto my desk and I smashed him with a great force.

bernthis said...

Loved this one. I return the compliment. I once saw a girl at the vet when I had to put down my dog, crying b/c they were about to do the same to her pet RAT!. I couldn't believe how sad she was considering the fact that everytime I looked at it all I could think was "exterminator".

frank said...

It could have been a really ugly poodle.